Investing in alternative

commercial real estate 

since 2001.

Investing in alternative commercial real estate,  since 2001.

Access the benefits of private investments without the complexity and risk of direct ownership. We handle the process end-to-end, including acquisitions, operations management, capital improvements, and exiting properties.

Why Invest With Patriot?

Investor-First Mentality

Our process was designed with the investor in mind. From how we charge our fees to the way we manage our properties, we only succeed if you succeed.

Tax-Advantaged Investments

Many of our investors are seeking ways to minimize the impact of income taxes. Patriot proactively pursues tax-advantaged investments to reduce your tax liability. We often pass along depreciation to investors and accelerate depreciation using cost-segregation.

Passive Income & Long-Term Appreciation

Our investors benefit from regular dividend payments derived from the profits of our operations, all while growing the value of their investment through the long-term appreciation of our underlying assets. We've spent the last 20 years perfecting the craft of evaluating, acquiring, improving, and operating new properties that fit well within our rigorous investment criteria.

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Investing in alternative commercial real estate since 2001

Manufactured home communities, self-storage, and industrial parks

Why Invest With Patriot?


This is the most affordable housing option for elderly and working class families that provide investors a safe and stable cash flow.


We like the low overhead, minimal management, consistent income and steady annual growth.

Passive Income &
Long-Term Appreciation

We buy workforce housing in growing job markets. There is an extremely high demand for affordable housing throughout the United States.

Our Founder

Jeremiah Boucher

Jeremiah Boucher is a value investor who specializes in the acquisition and development of alternative commercial real estate assets. Since 2001, Jeremiah has aggregated a $200M+ portfolio, with a focus on self-storage, manufactured housing, and industrial assets. For over a decade, Jeremiah has cultivated trust and built solid relationships with hundreds of sellers and brokers, providing consistent off-market deal flow.

His vision for Patriot is to grow its portfolio to over one billion dollars of assets within 5-10 years. For the past 20 years, Jeremiah has been “finding the edge” in commercial real estate markets, achieving outsized returns for all investors and stakeholders involved.

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