Fund V - Coming Soon

6% to 9% +

Preferred Return


Investor Equity Multiple


Project Investment Returns

Fund V - Coming Soon

6% to 9% +

Investment Preferred Return


Investor Equity Multiple


Projected Investor IRR

5 Years (With Extensions).

Our goal is to sell the assets by end of 2030

Hold Period

Self Storage Value Add & Expansion | Mobile Home Parks | Industrial Assets

Target Assets

Investment Strategy

Patriot Funds will acquire existing self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, or industrial facilities and install capital improvements, optimize management, and stabilize the assets. The fund may acquire self-storage, mobile home park, or industrial assets with room for expansion or land / permitted land and develop state-of-the-art self-storage, small bay industrial, or industrial facilities in high-demand locations with excellent demographics, and reasonable competition.

- This investment Fund will buy 15 to 20 properties.

- The assets are expected to cost $80M to $100M & investors would have a share of the assets.

- This provides a diversified income stream for investors.

Prev Offering

Next Offering

Business Plan & Fund Timeline

Our typical fund maximizes the value of the assets and investor returns in approximately 5 years

Capital Raising

Including Capital Improvements & Reserves

Deploy Capital & Value-Add

Acquisitions, Development / Expansions, Capital Improvements, Increase Rents & Occupancy, Streamline Operations

Pre-Sale & Sale

Drive Growth & NOI, Maximize Sale Value of the Assets.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Investment Highlights

Own a tangible, cash-flow generating asset in an inflationary, monetary environment. Best-in-class operators with decades of experience and an investor-first approach to real estate. Distribution pay outs are expected to begin 24 to 36 months after initial investment.
Investors Paid First
Investors receive a Preferred Return and capital is paid back to investors first, additional profits are split (LPs) / (Sponsor) up to an IRR hurdle, over the IRR hurdle cash flows are split 50-50 between A-class (LPs) and B-class (Sponsors).
High Margin Business
Development or expansion costs from $65-$68+ / sqft, with stabilized asset values at $135 to $200+ / sqft.

High margin and very low maintenance costs post development.
Strong Projected Returns
The project has strong projected IRR and Equity Multiple.

With ongoing cash flows & profits after return of investor capital.
Partner With The Experts
Patriot Holdings is a Top 10 Self Storage Owner in New England, with 1,500,000 square feet of storage space. We have the in-house expertise to deliver on this project.
Large Tax Savings
Investors receive 100% of the asset’s accelerated depreciation in year 1.
Inflation & Recession Resistant Assets
Own a recession-resistant commercial real estate asset.

Competitive Advantages

Patriot is hands on with every aspect of the asset, with dedicated in-house teams for management, engineering and construction, generating higher returns for investors by leveraging our deep expertise of self storage.
Centralized Management Office
Marketing & Customer Service Hub
Deep Local Knowledge & Relationships
Priority Deal Sourcing & Access
In-House Management Team
Cost Control & Operational Efficiencies
Exceptional Marketing, Trusted Brand
Strong Consumer Trust, Superior ROI
Asset Value Maximization
Markets Selected for Optimal Lease Up
Own Construction & Engineering Teams
Economies of Scale & Lower Build Costs

Assets under management & track record


Average Investor IRR

$ 350M

Assets Under Management


SQFT of Commercial Real Estate


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You can book a call with our investor relations team by completing the short form here. There will be an option to book a call once you submit the form. Here

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Patriot has over $350 Million Assets Under Management (101 Commercial Real Estate Properties spanning over 3 million sqft). Hundreds of investors trust Patriot to deliver capital growth and cash flow distributions. You can see our full track record here

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Individual, Entity, Trust or IRA accounts

What opportunities do you have open right now?

You can see our open funds in our investor portal here or under the Investment Funds on the menu for this website.

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