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Our firm is designed around you, the investor

Patriot has over $350,000,000 in Assets Under Management, spanning over 101 commercial real estate properties. We have consistently delivered on our promises, with a track record of Investor IRR 25.1% and Equity Multiple of 2.21x across our projects.

Our 500+ Limited Partners trust us to identify investment opportunities that generate superior returns and our acquisitions & due diligence teams filter through hundreds of deals to select assets. We focus on Wealth Preservation & Wealth Accumulation, by selecting recession resistant assets that have great upside as well as built in downside protection.

Our strategy has been carefully crafted through decades of experience in acquiring, improving, and operating alternative commercial real estate assets. We own the process end-to-end from identifying promising properties, construction & engineering, to managing the properties to selling the assets. By keeping the entire process in-house, we deliver superior returns to our investors.

Asset Types

Self Storage Facilities

All-Purpose Storage is dedicated to providing safe and trustworthy storage facilities that provide customers with the best storage solution in New England—focused on making local storage as easy, painless, and as secure as possible.

Under our brand, All-Purpose Storage we own more than 3,000,000+ sqft of storage.

Patriot Holdings is a Top 10 owner of self-storage in New England.

Self-Storage is the best performing asset class over the last 20 years.

Mobile Home Parks

Patriot Mobile Home Parks (MHPs) are professionally managed communities that provide families with safe and secure low-cost housing. Patriot pursues off-market assets owned by non-institutional owners, located in stable or growing economies, typically the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast.

We have done over $100,000,000 in MHP transactions, delivering reliable IRR.

Patriot adds value by improving communities, increasing rents & NOI.

Recession Proof Asset: In good or bad economies, MHP assets perform.

Industrial Assets

All-Purpose Industrial Parks are a better solution for business owners, by offering more value and high quality industrial space at great rates. Patriot’s vision for All Purpose Industrial Parks, our flex small industrial spaces, will allow these businesses to have a dedicated professional workspace to expand their business.

Industrial Occupancy is at a 20 year + all time high with demand increasing.

Rents have increased significantly, increasing the IRR expected on projects.

Patriot is expanding further into Industrial assets positioned for the future.


Patriot is hands on with every aspect of the asset, with dedicated in-house teams for management, engineering and construction, generating higher returns for investors by leveraging our deep expertise of self storage.

Centralized Management Office

Marketing & Customer Service Hub

Deep Local Knowledge & Relationships

Priority Deal Sourcing & Access

Exceptional Marketing, Trusted Brand

Strong Consumer Trust, Superior ROI

In-House Management Team

Cost Control & Operational Efficiencies

Own Construction & Engineering Teams

Economies of Scale & Lower Build Costs

Asset Value Maximization

Markets Selected for Optimal Lease Up

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