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Patriot has over $350,000,000 in Assets Under Management, spanning over 101 commercial real estate properties. We have consistently delivered on our promises, with a track record of Investor IRR 25.1% and Equity Multiple of 2.21x across our projects.

Our 500+ Limited Partners trust us to identify investment opportunities that generate superior returns and our acquisitions & due diligence teams filter through hundreds of deals to select assets. We focus on Wealth Preservation & Wealth Accumulation, by selecting recession resistant assets that have great upside as well as built in downside protection.

Our strategy has been carefully crafted through decades of experience in acquiring, improving, and operating alternative commercial real estate assets. We own the process end-to-end from identifying promising properties, construction & engineering, to managing the properties to selling the assets. By keeping the entire process in-house, we deliver superior returns to our investors.

Self Storage

Patriot Holdings is a Top 10 Self Storage owner in New England. Our portfolio of assets is held under the All-Purpose Storage brand, providing safe, modern state of the art storage facilities. Patriot invests in existing facilities as well as ground up developments to maximize investor returns in this sector.

3,000,000 +

Self Storage SQFT

18,000 +



Self Storage Facilities

Why Self Storage?

Nearly 1 in 10 American households uses self-storage facilities. The sector has generated more than $39.5 billion in annual U.S. revenues, and rentable space now totals more than 3x the size of Manhattan island.
Increasing Demand
Millennials & Baby Boomers are choosing to downsize to live in smaller, more amenity rich homes, which has led to increased demand for storage space. Americans’ have a growing need for storage space: national storage usage has grown from 2 square feet per person 20 years ago to 8 square feet per person today.
High Margin Business
Self storage typically has an expense ratio of under 30%, making these an extremely profitable asset. Patriot's ground up developments and expansion projects have even lower operating expenses, minimal overhead, allowing us to create larger investor IRRs.
Inflation & Recession Resistant Asset
Self Storage has generated an average 16.8% over the last 20 years, outperforming both traditional investments like Stocks & Bonds as well as other real estate asset types. Self storage is also very resilient to recessions as consumers store more when they downsize. Rents have increased over 20% during the Covid Pandemic alone.

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Parks are a niche asset class, often overlooked by traditional commercial real estate investors. The demand for affordable housing is skyrocketing. Patriot has delivered a solid investor IRR of 25.1% + on Mobile Home Acquisitions to date.

50 - 500+ Lots

Typical MHP Size

25.1% +

Investor IRR

$100,000,000 +

MHPs Sold

Why Mobile Home Parks?

Affordable housing it the country’s biggest problem. Mobile Home Parks are the cheapest non-subsidized housing option in the U.S. With house prices skyrocketing, the demand for affordable housing is booming.
Increasing Demand
There are approximately 45,000 Mobile Home Parks in the USA, with demand increasing year on year. Many cities have little or no zoning for Mobile Home Parks, meaning that demand far outstrips the ability to develop new supply.
High Yields
In addition to the high acquisition cap rates, Mobile Home Parks can be purchase with a high cash-on-cash return. The operating expense ratio is typically 35% to 40% (far below Multifamily) allowing for a very high return on investment.
Stable Asset Class
Although in theory, rent increases could cause a tenant to move, in practice 95%+ of Mobile Home's never leave the MHP they are located at. A typical lot rent is $300 to $500+ per month, while moving out of a MHP could cost a tenant $5,000 to $10,000 or more. As a result, the asset is stable and allows for rent increases in line with market demand.


Patriot has a dual strategy to maximize returns in the industrial asset class. Firstly, we acquire and develop multi-unit properties with expansion potential, allowing us to achieve maximum market rents. Patriot Holdings also actively acquires development sites to build designed-for-purpose flex industrial space and 100,000 to 200,000+ sqft warehousing.

500,000 +

Rentable SQFT

Custom Buildings

For Small Businesses

800 - 20,000+ sqft

Flex Spaces

Why Industrial Assets?

Industrial assets form the backbone of the American economy, from warehouses to distribution centers, industrial properties are at the heart of every transaction. The facilities needed to serve the growing eCommerce market require 300% more space than traditional retail.
Record Demand & Growth
The facilities needed to serve the growing eCommerce market require 300% more space than traditional retail. In addition, Supply Chain demands is increasing the space required for warehousing in the USA. 65% of business are strategically stockpiling key materials.
Increasing Rents
Rents have increased over 32% nationally since the Covid pandemic started. in the New England area, rents have jumped to $12 NNN for industrial assets. We are at a record 20 year + low vacancy rate, as occupancy has soared across industrial properties.
High Returns On Investment
Increasing demand has led to better CAP rates for existing assets, with the average sale price up 35 percent since 2019, to $133 per sqft. Retailers bought over 10 Million SQFT of industrial assets in the last year alone (8x previous average). Patriot is able to identify key development locations, and development costs are minimized, as construction is mostly prefabricated, allowing for higher returns on capital.


Patriot is hands on with every aspect of the asset, with dedicated in-house teams for management, engineering and construction, generating higher returns for investors by leveraging our deep expertise of self storage.

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