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Our firm is designed around you, the investor

From humble beginnings, we started investing in Commercial Real Estate in 2007. Patriot is now a Top 10 Self Storage owner in New England, and a Top 50 owner in the US.

Through word of mouth, putting investors first, and a commitment to add value to every project we have worked on, Patriot has built up an incredible team of real estate professionals and deep trust from our investors.

At Patriot, we work hard to make your capital work for you.
The Patriot Team, now 50+ industry leading professionals, includes end-to-end in house specialists in Zoning, Construction, Engineering, Development, Finance, Due Diligence & more. Our whole team is aligned with investors, Patriot makes money by delivering successful projects.

Patriot: Built On Trust
More than 500 investors from all walks of life trust Patriot to grow their capital and provide a cashflow income stream. We have delivered an average 25.1% IRR and 2.21x Equity Multiple on the hundreds of millions in transactions we have completed.


Jeremiah Boucher
Founder & CEO
Tim Wilkins
Owner & COO
Shayne Stokes
General Partner & CIO
Christopher Warfield
General Partner & CFO
Diane Cyr
General Partner & Operations Director


Alec Neesham
Financing & Acquisitions
Alex Tolman
Project Engineer
Antoni Watts
Brooklyn Martin
Cathleen Kent
Tax & Treasury Manager
David Guzy
Dunia Garbey
Janet Nam
Jeanie Bizar
Investor Relations Manager
Jennifer Gallo
Kathy Le
Director of Acquisitions
Mark Sauve
APS VP Operations
Payton Duvall
Transaction Coordinator
Robert Haley
IT Director
Stephane Couture
Project Manager
Tiem Tran
Acquisitions Lead
Yvonne Dorame
EA to Tim Wilkins

Patriot succeeds by creating great returns for our investors

Our strategy has been carefully crafted through decades of experience in acquiring, improving, and operating alternative commercial real estate assets. We own the process end-to-end from identifying promising properties to managing the properties to selling the assets. By keeping the entire process in-house, we can move quickly and seamlessly to maximize the return of a deal.

Our success comes from our ability to add massive value to every one of our projects.


Patriot has a vertically integrated in-house team to manage every aspect of the asset lifecycle. Our team includes acquisitions, underwriters & zoning specialists to select the best potential sites for purchase. Our in-house engineering, construction, development, and project management teams accurately estimate costs and deliver great quality properties under budget and on time.

Patriot also operates a specialist management office to handle customer service, leasing, unit turnaround, and every aspect of operating our properties. Managing end-to-end operations in house let's us drive operating margins and higher returns for investors.


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Fund Administration





Own stable, modern assets, ride the future of real estate, invest with Patriot

Patriot is unique in the industry in it's insights of where trends are heading, our new developments have a carefully crafted unit mix to future proof our assets. Patriot's portfolio of assets is aligned with where the industry is heading.

We have had an exciting journey of growth and look forward to what the future holds. We invest heavily into our people, our skills and our industry relationships to deliver best in class performance for our investors.

No other investment vehicle provides the benefits of Commercial Real Estate;
Tax Benefits | High Yields | Capital Appreciation | Recession Resistant

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