Why Patriot Holdings Is Investing In Industrial Assets

June 13, 2022
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Why is Patriot Holdings Is Investing In Industrial Assets?

Patriot sees the opportunity to leverage our relationships and team in the Industrial sector.

Industry Overview:

  • 40  Quarters of Consecutive Growth.
  • Ecommerce  needs 300% more space than traditional retail.
  • Expanding Domestic Manufacturing in the USA
  • Logistics Most Efficient in a Modern Building Design
  • Suburbs / Exurb Markets Growing In Demand
  • 65% business strategically stockpiling key materials
  • Retailers Buying Logistics Suppliers To Boost Supply Chain
  • Tech: Robots, Delivery Robots, Automation - coming to smaller buildings
  • Record Building / Record Absorption: 520 Million SQFT (Record) absorbed in 2021
  • Increased Buyer Demand - Institutional Investors: Average sale price up 35 percent since 2019 to $133 per sqft