Fund Performance


Fund Terms Of Offering

Fund  Type

506(C) Regulation D

Fund Target Launch Date

December 1, 2021

Total Raise Amount


Minimum Investment


Investor Requirements

Must be an “Accredited Investor”

Projected Term

5-year hold (with extensions)

Investor Returns

Investor Preferred Return


Projected Investor IRR


Projected Investor Equity Multiple



(Not available to investors doing business out of the state of New York due to their lending laws).

Investment Strategy

To acquire land, permitted land, existing self-storage or industrial facilities with room for expansion and develop state-of-the-art self-storage, small bay industrial or industrial facilities in high demand location with great demographics, and reasonable competition.

Assets Under Management & track record

$350 Million +

Assets Under Management


Average Investor IRR


SQFT of Commercial Real Estate


Own a tangible, cash-flow generating asset in an inflationary, monetary environment. Best-in-class operators with decades of experience and an investor-first approach to real estate. Distribution pay outs are expected to begin 24 to 36 months after initial investment.

Investors Paid First

Investors receive a Preferred Return and capital is paid back to investors first, additional profits are split (LPs) / (Sponsor) up to an IRR hurdle, over the IRR hurdle cash flows are split 50-50 between A-class (LPs) and B-class (Sponsors).

High Margin Business

Development or expansion costs from $65-$68+ / sqft, with stabilized asset values at $135 to $200+ / sqft.

High margin and very low maintenance costs post development.

Strong Projected Returns

The project has strong projected IRR and Equity Multiple.

With ongoing cash flows & profits after return of investor capital.

Partner With The Experts

Patriot Holdings is a Top 10 Self Storage Owner in New England, with 1,500,000 square feet of storage space. We have the in-house expertise to deliver on this project.

Large Tax Savings

Investors receive 100% of the asset’s accelerated depreciation in year 1.

Inflation & Recession Resistant Assets

Own a recession-resistant commercial real estate asset.

Case Studies

Self Storage Expansion

Adding 30,000 SQFT to an existing property

Patriot acquires assets with expansion land, that way the additional land is "free" and allows us to use the cash flow from the existing property to finance the expansion. Adding 30,000 sqft at $60 / sqft construction cost results in approx. $360,000 extra rental income annually and this results in a $4.2 MM increase in value (6% Cap Rate).

$0 (Included with Asset)

Land Cost



Cost To Build



Total Project Cost



Stabilization Value

Buy Existing Asset With Land

Lease New Units At Higher Rates

Ensure Correct Zoning

Maximize Project IRR

Use Existing Asset Cash Flow

Rents up

Absorption Record



Higher Exit Cap Rates

Avg. Sale Price

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Patriot has a vertically integrated in-house team to manage every aspect of the asset lifecycle. Our team includes acquisitions, underwriters & zoning specialists to select the best potential sites for purchase. Our in-house engineering, construction, development, and project management teams accurately estimate costs and deliver great quality properties under budget and on time.

Patriot also operates a specialist management office to handle customer service, leasing, unit turnaround, and every aspect of operating our properties. Managing end-to-end operations in house let's us drive operating margins and higher returns for investors.


Market Research



Fund Administration






Shayne Stokes
General Partner & CIO
Jeremiah Boucher
Founder & CEO
Tim Wilkins
Owner & COO
Christopher Warfield
General Partner & CFO


Patriot is hands on with every aspect of the asset, with dedicated in-house teams for management, engineering and construction, generating higher returns for investors by leveraging our deep expertise of self storage.

Centralized Management Office

Marketing & Customer Service Hub

Deep Local Knowledge & Relationships

Priority Deal Sourcing & Access

Exceptional Marketing, Trusted Brand

Strong Consumer Trust, Superior ROI

In-House Management Team

Cost Control & Operational Efficiencies

Own Construction & Engineering Teams

Economies of Scale & Lower Build Costs

Asset Value Maximization

Markets Selected for Optimal Lease Up

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to invest with Patriot?
  • Please start by completing the Investor Enquiry Form (Click here). You can also schedule a call with Patriot's Head of Fundraising, CJ Hildreth here.
  • Once you’ve been given access to our portal, you will be required to verify your Accredited Investor status. Once your qualification status has been confirmed, you will be given access to the Offering Package that will include the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and supporting documents which may include, but not be limited to an Operating Agreement (OA) and Executive Summary.
  • Sign the Subscription Agreement.
  • Receive funding instructions and fund your investment through wire, ACH, or check.
  • Once Patriot Holdings receives your funds, you will be given an Ownership Certificate evidencing your ownership of the securities subscribed to.
  • Patriot will allocate the funds to the applicable commercial real estate project.
  • If a Preferred Return is offered in offered in the investments, your Preferred Return will begin accruing and payment will be distributed pursuant to the terms of the PPM and the OA.
  • You will receive investment updates for your investment periodically (depending on the fund this is usually quarterly), and paid distributions pursuant to the terms of the PPM and the OA.
  • You will receive any major announcements via email as they arise.
What is the fund's duration

An investment in Patriot Holdings should be considered long-term. Investors should expect to commit their investment for a minimum of five (5) years and up to ten (10) years.

What type of funds can I use to invest?

You can invest with cash or funds held through trusts, LLCs, LPs or corporations. In addition, you can invest through self-directed IRAs, self-directed eQRPs (Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan aka Self-Directed Solo 401k Plan).

How are Patriot Holding’s investments structured?

Our investments are typically structured through an LLC created specifically for the Fund. As an investor, you will own a membership interest in the LLC. Through this structure, investors have direct ownership in the individual investments or assets in the Fund.

What am I investing in?

You are investing in the commercial real estate assets offered in the fund. You can invest personally or with funds held through trusts, LLCs, LPs or corporations. In addition, you can invest through self-directed IRAs, self-directed eQRPs (Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan aka Self-Directed Solo 401k Plan).


Investor Preferred Return


Projected Investor IRR


Projected Investor Equity Multiple

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