Patriot Holdings' Remarkable Rise: Ranked 53rd Storage Owner Nationally by ISS

September 7, 2023
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Inside Self-Storage recently unveiled its 2023 Top Self Storage Operators Lists ranking Patriot Holdings, under our All Purpose Storage brand, 53rd largest storage owner nationally. Patriot also is a Top 10 owner of self storage in New England. With an impressive portfolio now exceeding 3,000,000 sqft. of commercial real estate, Patriot Holdings is on a growth trajectory towards $1 Billion in commercial real estate under management.

Our Growth Strategy

1. Remote Leasing: We've revolutionized storage leasing by introducing a remote management system that allows us to purchase assets in high demand markets that traditional operators typically avoid. Remote leasing and management not only reduces overhead costs but is also convenient for our clients, ensuring we stay ahead of our competitors.

2. In-House Call Centre: Customer service is pivotal to our strategy. With our dedicated in-house call center, we ensure each inquiry, concern, or feedback is addressed promptly, fostering a strong client relationship - as well as allowing us to secure new tenants efficiently.

3. Development and Expansion with Our Construction Team: Unlike many self storage companies, we pride ourselves on having an in-house construction team. This means that we can develop new properties or expanding existing ones, reducing the cost for new assets and ensuring quality.

Our Unique Acquisition Process

National Database & Decade-Long Relationships: Our acquisition team leverages our national database of all self storage properties and owners, built over a decade, to ensure we are acquiring the best off market properties. Through cold calling, in person meetings, and outreach marketing strategies our 10+ years of relationship-building with sellers makes us the buyer of choice in our markets.

Off-Market Deals: Our unique marketing strategies ensure that we not only maintain our existing relationships but also continually forge new ones. This approach allows us to buy off-market deals, often reaping benefits of quicker transactions and better pricing.

Selective Targeting: We're not just about expanding; we're about expanding right. Our focus remains on markets characterized by robust demographics, thriving economies, and strong rents. Additionally, we target areas with limited competition which helps us to increase the ROI for investors.

The Future is Bright

Our goal is to expand our portfolio to over $1 billion in Assets Under Management over the next few years. This will potentially set us up for a stock market listing and we are increasingly becoming an attractive acquisition target for REITs and Private Equity funds.

In conclusion, while these rankings and numbers are a testament to our efforts and strategic moves over the years, they also serve as a motivation. Patriot Holdings, with its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, is all geared up for the next phase of growth, and we invite our stakeholders, partners, and clients to be a part of this exciting journey.

Read the full article here: ISS Top 100 Self Storage Owners.

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