Podcast Interview: The Self Storage Income Show: Foreclosure to $150 Million with Jeremiah Boucher

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Podcast Interview: Listen to Jeremiah Boucher on the Self Storage Income Podcast with AJ Osburne.

Listen to the full episode here.

Show Notes:

Welcome everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! This is your host AJ Osborne!

Man do we have an amazing guest episode lined up for you guys today… We have my great friend Jeremiah Boucher on to drop some massive value for you.

Honestly, without a doubt, this is one of my all time favorite episodes because the value packed in here today is just unbelievable. Jeremiah shares a bit about his background and how he got started investing in manufactured home communities, along with his journey into self storage investing.

We talk everything from identifying markets and value add opportunity, to gauging demand, to market metrics, self storage development, and more. You guys are going to absolutely love this episode. I’m going to let you get to it because there’s no way I’m going to do it justice for you here.

Thanks for listening everybody!

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