The Main Stages in Increasing the Value of a Self-Storage Facility

January 4, 2024
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Patriot focuses on buying right, focusing on off-market properties that have a strong value add component. In the Self-Storage industry, the vast majority of facilities are still owned by Mom and Pops - many of which have not raised rents or made improvements in years. 

Step 1: Strategic Acquisition:

The first step involves identifying undervalued facilities that are mismanaged, have bloated expenses, charge under-market rents, possess expansion potential, or require repairs and cosmetic improvements. Acquiring such properties sets the stage for value enhancement.

Step 2: Implement Efficient Management Software and Processes:

Upgrading to superior management software and streamlining processes can enhance operational efficiency. This step ensures that the facility is equipped to handle future improvements and growth.

Step 3: Cost Optimization and Remote Leasing:

Trimming unnecessary costs is crucial. Implementing remote leasing practices can lead to significant savings in onsite overhead costs, contributing to the facility's bottom line.

Step 4: Undertake Cosmetic Improvements:

Investing in minor cosmetic enhancements, such as fresh paint and landscaping, can boost the facility's appeal to potential renters and create a positive first impression.

Step 5: Enhance Signage and Implement Data-Driven Marketing:

Installing prominent signage and utilizing data-backed marketing strategies, such as Google and Facebook advertising, can effectively attract more renters and increase visibility.

Step 6: Adjust Rents to Market Rates:

Evaluating and adjusting rents to align with market rates is essential. This step involves reviewing and potentially increasing rents for existing customers, ensuring that the facility's pricing remains competitive and profitable.

Step 7: Initiate Larger Improvements:

Embarking on more significant enhancements, such as facility expansion, re-paving, and installing gates, lighting, and security systems, can further elevate the facility's value and appeal.


The compounded effect of these strategic steps can lead to a substantial boost in revenue and Net Operating Income (NOI). Consequently, the asset value and investor returns are poised to improve significantly, making the self-storage facility a lucrative investment.

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