Artists for Addicts - Genius Recovery

November 7, 2022
 min read

I donated $5,500 to Artists for Addicts. I wanted to make this donation because I have a deep compassion and empathy for addiction, especially in the creative community. I want to help people with severe trauma who seem to be trapped in the deep dark cycle of addiction. 

The Artists for Addicts center helps people to process the pain so they can endure and overcome suffering and be able to use some of the darkness that they've been exposed to, to create and express themselves freely, authentically, and powerfully. 

Addiction affects us all in some way shape or form. It's so important for us to learn about it, understand it, and have compassion for it.

There's so much to learn about human psychology. It's quite interesting and I'm going to continue to dig deep and learn more.

Joe Polish founder of Genius Network & Genius Recovery, is on a mission to change the global conversation around addiction.

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