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Finding Your Edge: How to Win at the Game of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Jeremiah Boucher is the founder and principal owner of Patriot Holdings, a Private Equity Real Estate company with $350 Million + in Assets Under Management.

When Jeremiah Boucher began his career, he didn’t know anyone in the commercial real estate community. He found his mentors at conferences, read extensively on the industry, and developed his skills by sourcing deals for national funds. Learning the game from the ground up, he has become one of the nation’s top investors in alternative commercial real estate. By finding new ways to find deals, make connections, and add value, he discovered strengths that ultimately enabled his success. The foundation for it all was the mindset he developed to win at the game of commercial real estate investing. In Finding Your Edge, he shares his knowledge and perspectives to enable your investing success.

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Fund III “New England Growth Fund”


Investment Preferred Return

2.5-2.8x +

Investor Equity Multiple

23-26% +

Projected Investor IRR

5-year hold (with extensions)

Hold Period

Self Storage Development & Expansion | Mobile Home Parks | Industrial Assets

Target Assets

Investment Strategy

To acquire land, permitted land, existing self-storage or industrial facilities with room for expansion and develop state-of-the-art self-storage, small bay industrial or industrial facilities in high demand location with great demographics, and reasonable competition.

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