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Do you own Land, a Self-Storage Facility, Industrial Property or Mobile Home Park? Are you looking to sell but want to avoid significant capital gains tax?

Roll your asset or land into
a tax efficient income fund.

Why Partner with Patriot?
Patriot is the buyer of choice for Development Land, Self Storage, Mobile Home Park and Industrial owners nationwide. Many sellers choose to roll their asset into a larger portfolio with us, and own a percentage of one of our funds.

Diversify Your Income
Own 10 to 20+ assets in one of our funds.

Tax Efficient Sale
Defer taxes with accelerated depreciation and passive tax losses.

Industry-Leading Management
Patriot will manage day to day operations.

High Returns
Earn a Preferred Return, Cashflow & Capital Growth.

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Tax Benefits

Selling a property may result in a large tax bill immediately, but by rolling into a fund with Patriot you will be able to defer taxes and earn a higher net income as a result of the tax savings.

As a fund unit holder, the property owner will receive accelerated depreciation tax losses.

In Year 1, 100% of tax losses from depreciation will be assigned to Class A unit holders. These are expected to be approximately 2.0x the land value.

The tax losses are expected to offset any rental income. The re-finance of the asset will return capital to land owner for the value of the land tax-free.

Cashflow Distributions

All proceeds from operations will be distributed as follows:

  • First to pay Operating Expenses, Reserves
  • Interest & Mortgage Payments.
  • 100% of Cash flows to Landowner & Equity Contributors
  • Once all the original contribution is paid back, 50/50 split to the fund unit holders & Sponsors

All net positive cashflows will be paid to Class A unit holders until they have received 100% of their initial contribution to the project. After which, cashflows and net proceeds from a sale of refinance will be split pro-rata 50% to the Class A shareholders and 50% to the sponsors.

Project Timeline

Depending at which stage you roll your property into a Patriot fund, you may receive cash flow from day 1 onwards. Shareholders receive a preferred return which accrues and is paid first from operational cashflows.

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