Success In Real Estate Starts With Pushing Your Mind & Body Daily with Jeremiah Boucher (Patriot Holdings CEO) and Marty Grizzanti

September 6, 2023
September 7, 2023
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Jeremiah Boucher (Patriot Holdings CEO) and Marty Grizzanti.

Jeremiah Boucher built a $350 Million portfolio of commercial assets (self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, industrial assets) from zero, through constant improvement, investing ahead of the curve, and hard work & execution.

In this episode:

- Transitioning to being a leader and coach.

- Character, capacity, chemistry, priorities, clarity, execution

- Inner conflicts, distractions, and focus on progress.

- Passionate about biohacking and efficient training

- Optimal workout routine for maximum muscle gains.

- Contrarian group focused on creative real estate.

- Breaking up big warehouses into smaller spaces.

- Execution of a multi-year plan in storage.

‍It doesn't matter where you are now, you can do more, and you can do better. Success in Real Estate starts with drive and determination - to find great deals, get the right investors or investments, and close on the best projects.

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