Level Up Your Health, Mindset & Skills To Boost Your Real Estate Returns with Jeremiah Boucher (Patriot Holdings CEO) and Marty Grizzanti

January 10, 2024
January 17, 2024
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Jeremiah Boucher (Patriot Holdings CEO) and Marty Grizzanti.

Jeremiah Boucher built a $350 Million portfolio of commercial assets (self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, industrial assets) from zero, through constant improvement, investing ahead of the curve, and hard work & execution.

In this episode:

- Discussion on the lack of focus on health and mindset in real estate entrepreneurship
- Importance of health and mindset for success in real estate
- Importance of building a system to solve problems in real estate and business
- Selling people on habits and rituals as a way to improve business success
- Examining potential service businesses and aligning them with current resources
- Identifying profitable ventures and avenues for real estate investment
- Impact of effective communication on business and entrepreneurial success
- Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs in terms of communication skills and problem-solving
- Challenges related to real estate investments and business ventures
- Impact of easy access to low-interest financing on real estate properties
- Differences in the responsiveness and honesty of the real estate and small business market
- Leveraging information and learning to expedite success in business ventures
- Navigating decision-making and business commitment
- Strategies for simplifying the decision-making process

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