Focus On The Mission To Win In Commercial Real Estate with Jeremiah Boucher (Patriot Holdings CEO) and Marty Grizzanti

September 14, 2023
September 14, 2023
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Jeremiah Boucher (Patriot Holdings CEO) and Marty Grizzanti.

Jeremiah Boucher built a $350 Million portfolio of commercial assets (self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, industrial assets) from zero, through constant improvement, investing ahead of the curve, and hard work & execution.

In this episode:

- Recognizing that the current chaotic and challenging times may be seen as "good times" in the future

- Discussing the value of struggling and experiencing uncertainty

- Acknowledging that individuals cannot always operate at 100% and need assistance during tough times

- Highlighting the significance of investing in people who can support mentally challenging situations

- Expressing the struggle of balancing personal priorities with addressing the concerns of team members

- Demonstrating the use of whiteboards to diagram and break down information

- Breaking down the components of acquisitions as an example

- The importance of leadership and execution

- The role of sports and references

- Referencing sports as a context for understanding leadership and strategy

‍It doesn't matter where you are now, you can do more, and you can do better. Success in Real Estate starts with drive and determination - to find great deals, get the right investors or investments, and close on the best projects.

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